Mobile Homes

New & Used Mobile Homes for Sale in Pensacola

Milton, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton & Pensacola, FL areas

Wayne Frier offers new and used mobile homes for sale in many areas. From new and used single and double wide mobile home options, Wayne Frier Home Center of Pensacola has just the mobile home for you and your family. Whether you live in Fort Walton, Milton, or Gulf Breeze, call Wayne Frier Home Center of Pensacola and hear about all of our mobile home options.

Single-Wide Mobile Homes

Single-Wide mobile homes are made up of 1 unit and are approximately 18 ft. or less in width and 90 ft. or less in length. These units can be moved from place to place as long as the location is approved. We sell new and used mobile homes.

Double-Wide Mobile Homes

 Double-Wide mobile homes consist of 2 units joined together. They are generally 20 ft. or more in width and 90 ft. or less in length. These models are also mobile; however, it would take double the effort! We carry mobiles homes new & used.

1. Affordability
2. Flexibility
3. Easy maintenance
4. Various neighborhood options
5. Warranties

Mobile homes, also referred to as trailers, are ideal living accommodations for almost anyone!
mobile homes for sale - Fort Walton Beach & Milton, FL
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